What you should know about the world’s most common skin ailment.
Xerosis Defined

What you should know about the world’s most common skin ailment

You may already have Xerosis without even knowing it. Xerosis is also known as Dry Skin. It is characterized by an uncomfortable itch, cracking, reddening of the skin or a flaky epidermis. It may start out harmless and controllable; but it can also worsen in time if it’s not addressed immediately.

The Cause for Concern

Xerosis is caused by a number of reasons, which goes unnoticed daily. It is a common occurrence for older people, since the human skin loses its natural oil with age. For everyone else, it is commonly caused by heat or long exposures to the sun. The sun has harmful UV rays, which damage the epidermal surface. Prolonged exposure in a tropical country like the Philippines, can also lead to skin cancer.

Extreme heat is not the only thing that causes Xerosis. It also develops in very low temperatures. Because of the low humidity, the air around the skin dries up and dries the skin along with it. This can happen both outdoors and indoors. It happens outdoors during the latter half of the year, when showers and typhoons frequently visit the Philippines. It also happens indoors, when the skin is exposed to air-conditioning for a long period.

Some everyday habits also contribute to Xerosis. Frequent hot water showers, the use of soap without moisturizer and over-scrubbing or exfoliation are also usual suspects.

Develop a Habit of Healing

To check your skin for dry skin, you may scratch the skin of your arm and if white marks appear, your skin is most likely dry. Also check the ‘dry skin hot spots’ such as your elbows, knees, and heels for any signs of dryness. Heal your dry skin by applying a topical cream like petroleum jelly or lotion that helps moisturize it from within. Dermatologists recommend New Vaseline Lotion. With Micro-droplets of Petroleum Jelly, Vaseline goes deep within the epidermis to heal dry skin and restore lost moisture. Heal Dry Skin from Within with New Vaseline Lotion.

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