How Extreme Weather Conditions Affect the Skin
Level up your skincare routine for maximum protection!
Many would think that the Philippines only has hot and humid weather all year round. But while it does feel like summer most of the time, the weather can actually change in a snap.

Dramatic weather changes come with the phenomenon called global warming. From intense drought to stronger typhoons, the country isn’t the only one affected—your skin is, too.

Does your skin feel flaky during the “ber” months? Is it reddish from heavy sun exposure? Whether tremendously hot and humid or cold and dry, extreme weather conditions may be the culprit. Read on to know about how exactly they affect the skin.

Extremely Cold

Strong winds and heavy rainfall mark the end of the summer season. For some, it means staying indoors and cozying up in bed. But for others, it means having to deal with dry, itchy skin.

As explained by Jessica Wu, MD, a leading dermatologist and beauty expert for, cold weather causes the skin to dry out and get irritated due to the dry air and low humidity it brings. This event can worsen existing skin conditions like eczema, or even lead to new ones.

To fight the effects of cold weather, dermatologist Dr. Nick Lowe of London's Cranley Clinic suggests switching up from a light moisturizer to something that’s more heavy-duty in consistency for better protection. To prevent windburn and chapping, try swiping on some petroleum jelly on your lips.

Avoiding long, hot showers and doing away with harsh soaps that strip off natural oils would help keep your skin moisturized. But if you want to straight out restore moisture in the air, a good humidifier does the job.

Extremely Hot

High temperatures give off humid air. Too much moisture in the air can cause skin problems like acne to develop as your pores are wide open and more prone to dirt. Heat rash, allergies, and sunburns are some more conditions you should watch out for in this season.

Wearing sunscreen is one of the most important things that you can do, but that isn’t enough. Considering the heat in the Philippines, you will need one with moisturizing properties to combat the intense dryness and discomfort that this season brings. It's important to increase your fluid intake as well, since your body needs more water and moisture in extremely hot conditions.

From uncomfortable dryness to the possibility of having breakouts, extreme weather conditions can be quite taxing for your skin. Both conditions call for extra skin nourishment and protection so make sure to choose quality products that aim to heal and protect the skin.